My name is Domenick and I'm glad to take this opportunity to tell you more about me. I am a wedding photographer. I live in New Rochelle.

Let’s face it, having someone follow you around with a camera all day is pretty unusual to start with. And if you want great images, the person behind the lens needs a certain skill set to pull it off. 

Fitting in what I do best. I'm great at seamlessly documenting your wedding moments & creating images that invoke your memory long after the celebration is complete. I've worked with bridal groups of 2 all the way up to 40. My personality keeps things engaging, timely, & seamless for you & your family members.

The camera in my hand on a wedding day is a fun thing for me. For some, my experience is a strong calming factor, and other's a burst of energy. Some go with the flow, & other’s need just a little guidance. Ultimately, wherever you fall on the spectrum, you should know, I'm always there to gently & non obtrusively guide you. I’ll show you how easy it is to just be you around the camera.  All in all, I’m packed with positive energy & I’m ready to share it with you on the wedding day.


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1. What style wedding's have you photographed?
I've photographed rustic, ballroom, Jewish, Catholic, Greek, Spanish, backyard weddings, city hall weddings. You get the idea.  I have a great handle on the timelines and logistics associated with all of them.

2. Do I take family formal pictures?
Yes. We designate a complete timeline for all formal group pictures. I bring a two or three strobe lighting system to all my events so all formal picture's are lit like a portrait studio.

3. How long have I been shooting weddings?
I've been photographing wedding's full time since 2012. Prior to that I have another decade of experience part time as a photographer. 

4. Do you really deliver pictures in two weeks?
Yes. I work with a really talented editor that helps. Your usb & highlight proofs comes as shown below.